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The Beauty Survival- Lost in the Woods


English: In this section we have to use our beauty intelligence to survive a worst-case scenario. This week your friends drag you out on a nice hike in the woods and after staring into your compact mirror and applying lip-gloss for a long time your realize that you have gotten lost from your peers. You know are by yourself and you have to survive mosquito bites, rainy weather and still look fabulous for those pictures of you getting rescued that will surface all over the news. You only get to bring tree beauty items to survive this! What do you bring and why? You can answer this on your blog or in the comments or both! Good look my little beauty survivors! 🙂

Svenska: Dina vĂ€nner har dragit med dig ut pĂ„ en vandring i skogen och rĂ€tt vad det Ă€r sĂ„ inser du att ni har kommit ifrĂ„n varandra. Du mĂ„ste nu överleva insektsbett, regnigtvĂ€der och att se snygg ut pĂ„ bilderna dĂ€r du blir rĂ€ddad av hemvĂ€rnet. Du fĂ„r bara ta med dig tre skönhetsprodukter för att klara av detta. Vilka tre produkter tar du med dig och varför vĂ€ljer du just dem? Lycka till! 🙂