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Achieve the look- Jennifer Lawrence

Stila eyeshadow

$25 –

Laura Mercier eyeshadow
$24 –

Stila waterproof eyeliner
$20 –

Stila eyeshadow

Stila eyeshadow

By Terry lip gloss
$44 –

By Terry brown mascara
$46 –

Napoleon perdis cosmetic
$45 –


Achieve the look- Jada Pinkett Smith

Bobbi Brown- Bronze Shimmer Brick Compact

Yves Saint Laurent – Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking in Black Bronze

Nars – Duo Eye shadow in Charade

Essie- Nail Polish in a cut above

Stila- Eye Shadow Pans in Poise

Stila- Jewel eye shadow in Citrine

Stila- Smudge crayon waterproof eye color in Umber

Stila- Lip Glaze New Shades in Honeysuckle

ImageEnglish: I’m amazed about how wonderful Jada Pinkett Smith looks for her age, the woman is 41!! Some people age with grace but Jada doesn’t age at all! Seriously, it looks like she’s in her late 20’s or early 30’s. So what’s her big beauty secret? Jada is obsessed with products from a company called Carol’s Daughter, how obsessed? Enough to buy shares in it…they have products for everything from your hair to your skin and I swear that their company site is pure beauty porn. Besides their products she also uses John Friedas Frizz Ease line for her hair.

Svenska: Jada Pinkett Smith ser oförskämt bra ut för sin ålder och använder produkter från Carol’s Daughter och John Friedas Frizz line för att ta hand om både sin hy och sitt hår.

English: I’m going through my beauty products and am trying to organize them and figure out which ones are worthy of making an appearance on the blog.  It’s safe to say that a couple of reviews are on the way. I’m also nervously awaiting some items that I ordered online, here in Scandinavia the prices on beauty items are A LOT more expensive than in the rest of Europe, or the States for that matter. Most of us tend to order from web shops in the UK because it’s much cheaper and also it’s located within Europe = No custom fees. It’s hard to find good web shops and the competition between them have made a lot of them sacrifice quality for quantity. I figured that a guide to the online shops could be in order and I will try and review a couple of them during the coming months. And fingers crossed I will receive my products this week and can give some positive reviews on both the shop and the products, but I’m hard to please so we will just have to wait and see about that…

Svenska: Jag väntar på en beställning med hudvårdsprodukter från Ole Henriksen som jag har tänkt recensera längre fram. Jag har även bestämt mig för att recensera olika webshoppar då jag är en flitig användare av sådana med tanke på de löjligt höga priserna vi har på skönhetsprodukter här i Skandinavien..